Activities and Events

The Barony of Northkeep is fairly active.  There are a number of activities and events that people take part in:

Baronial Activities

The Barony of Northkeep has a variety of regular meetings every month, both official and unofficial. The Official meetings consist of:

  • Officer’s Meeting - As needed, Their Excellencies will be available; Last Monday of the Month at 6:30PM inside Martin East Regional Library.
  • Populace Meeting - An in-garb, Populace-wide State-of-the-Barony forum with Their Excellencies; Last Monday of the Month at 7:00PM inside Martin East Regional Library.
  • Weekly Gathering and Fighter Practice - Every Wednesday evening (unless otherwise stated) at 6:30PM inside the Tulsa VFW Hall.
  • Missile Practice/Archery Practice - Held on most Sundays beginning at Noon. Please email HE, Facon du Pray or reference the Northkeep discussion group to confirm the time and place.
  • Arts and Sciences Meeting - First Monday of the Month at 6:30PM inside Martin East Regional Library, contact the A&S Minister for themes or details. 
  • Grub & Garb - The last Wednesday of every month, in conjunction with Fighter Practice. This is a garbed event and potluck-style populace dinner social.
Baronial Events

The Barony of Northkeep also hosts several annual events, including its Castellan Tournament and wInterkingdom Symposium:
  •  Castellan 2017 - Join us for competitions to select our next round of Baronial Champions, as well as Northkeep's Castellan.

  • Dionadair and Ensign - Northkeep's annual event that decides the Barony's war leader and informal assistant to the Barony's Drighton and Provost.
    • Current Dionadair:  Wulfgard Martel
    • Current Ensign:        Perrin de Beaujeu
  • wInterkingdom 2017 -  Build your skills and knowledge with us at one of the premier collegium events in the known world!             

Past Events

Castellan 2016
wInterkingdom 2016

Castellan 2015
Winterkingdom 2015
Castellan 2014
Winterkingdom 2014