Activities and Events

The Barony of Northkeep is fairly active.  There are a number of activities and events that people take part in:

Baronial Activities

The Barony of Northkeep has a variety of regular meetings every month, both official and unofficial. The Official meetings consist of:

Baronial Events

The Barony of Northkeep also hosts several annual events, including its Castellan Tournament and Winterkingdom Symposium:
  •  Winterkingdom 2016 - Join the Barony of Northkeep for our annual Wintertime all-the-things Symposium! There will be classes on everything from costuming, to cut-and-thrust, to lampwork, to cooking, to more! So you not only want to learn everything but want to teach what you know, as well!? Sign up HERE; after all, not only are you making the Kingdom a better place, teaching does have its perks here in Northkeep, including free site fee! (Event Page coming soon!)

  • Dionadair and Ensign - Northkeep's annual Autumn event that decides the Barony's war leader and informal assistant to the Barony's Drighton and Provost.
    • 2016 Dionadair: Lord Laiodheach the Bear
    • 2016 Ensign: Mister Dan of Northkeep

Past Events

2013 Baronial Investiture
Winterkingdom 2014