Activities and Events

The Barony of Northkeep has several activities and events for you to participate in:

Baronial Activities

The Barony of Northkeep has a variety of regular meetings every month, both official and unofficial. The Official meetings consist of:

  • Officer’s Meeting - As needed, Their Excellencies will be available; Last Monday of the Month at 6:30PM inside Martin East Regional Library.
  • Populace Meeting - An in-garb, Populace-wide State-of-the-Barony forum with Their Excellencies; Last Monday of the Month at 7:00PM inside Martin East Regional Library.
  • Weekly Gathering and Fighter Practice - Every Wednesday evening (unless otherwise stated) at 6:30PM inside the Tulsa VFW Hall.
  • Missile Practice/Archery Practice - Held on most Sundays beginning at Noon. Please email Boyar Gavriil Ivanovich or reference the Northkeep discussion group to confirm the time and place.
  • Arts and Sciences Meeting - First Monday of the Month at 6:30PM inside Martin East Regional Library, contact the A&S Minister for themes or details. 
  • Grub & Garb - The last Wednesday of every month, in conjunction with Fighter Practice. This is a garbed event and potluck-style populace dinner social.
Baronial Events

The Barony of Northkeep also hosts several annual events, including its Castellan Tournament and wInterkingdom Symposium:
  •  Castellan  - Northkeep's annual event to select our next round of Baronial Champions, as well as Northkeep's Castellan.
    • Castellan of Northkeep: Romanius Vesperianus
    • Drighton of Northkeep: Morgan Blackdragon
    • Provost of Northkeep: Marcus von Furth
    • Archer of Northkeep: Ulrich von Budingen
    • Marksman of Northkeep: Skeggi berbeinn Sebbason ins sterka
    • Artisan of Northkeep: Cicily Bridges
    • Title Bard of Northkeep: Elspeth Bhóroma inghean Bhriain

  • Dionadair and Ensign - Northkeep's annual event that decides the Barony's war leader and informal assistant to the Barony's Drighton and Provost.
    • Current Dionadair:  Míchall Morrison
    • Current Ensign:        Redulf von Kol
  • wInterkingdom -  Northkeep's annual one-day event, held in late January, is the place to build your skills and knowledge with us at one of the premier collegium events in the known world!