Activities and Events

The Barony of Northkeep is fairly active.  There are a number of activities and events that people take part in:

Baronial Activities

The Barony of Northkeep has a variety of regular meetings every month, both official and unofficial. The Official meetings consist of:

Baronial Events

The Barony of Northkeep also hosts several annual events:
  • Castellan 2015 - Now Accepting Autocrat Bids! Please email the Seneschal (HL Adalia), Baron(HE Morgan) and Baroness(HE Montega) for more information or to turn in your Autocrat application!

  • Dionadair and Ensign - Northkeep's annual event that decides the Barony's war leader and informal assistant to the Barony's Castellan and Insegante.
    • 2015 Dionadair: Mister Finr Jorgenson
    • 2015 Ensign: Lord Alexandre Crane

Past Events

2013 Baronial Investiture
Winterkingdom 2014