Arts and Sciences Meeting

The monthly Arts & Sciences meeting is intended as an opportunity for the Barony to come together and socialize while working on projects, either individual projects or group projects that the Barony is working on together.  Occasionally there will be a class on some technique or informative matter pertaining to the Arts & Sciences. Each month’s projected topic (or lack thereof) will be posted on the Baronial mailing list and in The Nordic Saga, the Baronial newsletter. If you have a topic or technique that you would like to see addressed during A&S night, please contact me at

What:  Arts & Sciences Night
When:  Generally the first Monday of the month, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Where:  Martin Regional Library, 2601 South Garnett Road Tulsa, OK 74129
Who:  Anyone who wants to come and socialize and work on something A&S related
Why:  There will be cookies (...maybe)