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Castellan 2015 Event, Site and Feast Information

Castellan 21 means Castellan is now old enough to drink! Visit the Centurion Shot Bar for your dose of debauchery!

Castellan 2015 Feast Info

Castellan 2015 Feastocrat:
Lady Rachel de Narbonne

FIRST REMOVE: Pumpes (Spiced Beef Meatballs) in Sweet Sauce / Lebna (Cucumber/Yogurt Dip) with Vegetable Crudites / Seasonal Fruit & Cheeses

SECOND REMOVE: Cold Gazpacho Soup / Hot Leek Soup / Assorted Breads & Butters

THIRD REMOVE: Carmelized Garlic, Spinach and Cheddar Tart / Green Beans / Honeyed Carrots

FOURTH REMOVE: Languedoc Cassolet  (White beans, Chicken Portions, Italian Chicken Sausage, Lamb Shanks, Onions, Tomatoes, Rice)

FIFTH REMOVE: Strawberries & Crème Fraiche over Shortcakes / Almond Cookies

Webminister of Northkeep,
May 7, 2015, 5:30 PM