Welcome from the Baron and Baroness

Photographer: I. Marc Carlson, used with permission.

Greetings to one and all and welcome to the Barony of Northkeep. Their Excellencies Morgan and Montega, Lord and Lady of Northkeep, offer these gentle salutations and warm hospitality to you.

We are Lord and Lady of these lands, appointed as the Baron and Baroness of Northkeep by their Majesties of the Kingdom of Ansteorra. It is our duty to administer the Kings Law and words in these lands while providing for the needs of the people of the Barony. The fertile lands of Northkeep guard the northern border of the kingdom. The Barony of Northkeep is based in the modern city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, but its influence stretches from the shores of Lake Eufaula to the border with Kansas, from the eastern Grand Lake to the shores of Lake Keystone. Among the citizens in Northkeep you will find all manner of people from all walks of life. Fierce Northmen, noble Frenchmen, well-mannered Englishmen, rustic Scots, exotic Moors and Arabs, and many other folk dwell in Northkeep’s lands. Many who visit here find a quiet and friendly place where you can learn about and experience all the Society for Creative Anachronism has to offer. Northkeep is known throughout the Kingdom for its hospitality so we hope you will find the time to have a sample of what we may offer. There is usually a weekly meeting where the populace members gather dressed in their finery attending to some aspect of the middle ages recreations we pursue whether it is the monthly business at hand, practice at combat, or sewing skills.

Our dearest hopes is that your visitation to this fair Keep aids you to find whatever you are searching for: whether that be a place amongst the folk in these Current Middle Ages, information on the time and place for one of our gatherings, the location of our next tournament or fair, or what goings on are occurring locally for those seeking a Current Middle Ages life.

The Baronial Council of Officers are a goodly collection of wise folk dedicated to serving the populace of the Barony in their various areas of interest. The good officers are here to help the populace in their endeavors of the various medieval pursuits from marshal, heraldry, archery, or the various arts and sciences and handcrafts done in medieval times. If you have a need for aid from an officer please do not hesitate to seek their assistance. If you cannot find the aid you seek from the officers then please seek us out, as we are always eager to help.

We do hope that you will come join us in pursuit of the ideals of Honor, Glory, and Chivalry in the lands of Northkeep where we offer fun, friendship and hospitality in abundance in these Current Middle Ages.

With kind regards we remain,

Baron Morgan Blackdragon and Baroness Montega Blackdragon
Lord and Lady of Northkeep